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Keto Living

Ketone Boosting Drink Mix Berry Lemonade 30 servings

Ketone Boosting Drink Mix Berry Lemonade 30 servings

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Keto Living BHB Drink Mix is a unique and delicious blend of exogenous ketones that promotes your body's ability to enter ketosis faster and more efficiently.

Ketosis is the optimal metabolic state to promote fat burning.  When in ketosis, the body naturally burns ketone bodies (like those provided in our BHB blend) as the preferred fuel source.

  • Boosts Ketones
  • Promotes Appetite Control
  • Improves Comfort in Ketosis 
  • Promotes Increased Energy 
  • Enhances your Lower-Carb, Higher Fat (LCHF) diet success!
  • Gluten Free - Non-GMO - Vegan - FALCPA Allergen Free 
Keto Living BHB:  It's the perfect, great-tasting and convenient energy source to fuel your body and drive your LCHF lifestyle success!
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