Getting Started With Keto

To start your keto journey, there are some very important steps you must take. First are your Diet, Stress, Sleep and Exercise. All these steps are very important to your success in becoming keto adapted.

 You need to eliminate all the bad foods from your diet. There are no exceptions if you are going to be successful and change your lifestyle. These are processed foods, all bad oils, grains, most dairy, hormone-loaded meats, all types of sugar and low-fat products. We will explore the Keto Diet more fully in future blog posts.

Going Keto

  • Will eliminate hunger.
  • Make you metabolically more efficient so that you can thrive on fewer calories.
  • Builds a faster metabolism.
  • You will be able to burn stored fat.

    It is very important to control your stressful lifestyle behaviors; today our high-tech, modern lifestyle has created more stress. Our jobs are more stressful than ever and our striving to get ahead and gain more also creates more of the stress. This affects our eating habits, along with all the energy drinks we consume, which only stresses our bodies even more. Today, we may be too far over in the fast lane to strive for a mellow lifestyle. We are spending too much time in our digital environment with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, Pinterest and others, and less personal face time with friends and family.

     SleepA good sleep is extremely important. Sleep gives your body a chance to regenerate itself. Our bedrooms have become places of digital stimulation with all the light illuminated for our devices that are charging or that never get turned off, and we constantly get interrupted by sounds of email or other information going to the devices. Our delicate circadian hormonal process has been synchronized with the rising and setting of the sun. We have been hardwired from the beginning to wind down, start to feel sleepy in a few hours, and slowly transition to a full night’s sleep. We have interrupted this cycle and need to reverse it if we are to stay healthy. One study showed that just two weeks of sleep deprivation results in a 50 percent increase in insulin resistance.



    One of the keys to proper long-term health (health span) is a proper workout program. Whatever program you choose, it should be safe, effective and efficient. Many popular exercise programs are insufficient. What good is an exercise program that gets you extremely fit in your twenties or thirties that creates long-term damage to your body? When you are fifty or sixty you may have damaged your knees, hips, spine, shoulders, etc. because of the improper exercise program and are unable to stay fit or even enjoy so many of the activities you enjoyed before. This will cause a rapid decline in your health and quality of life.

    The workout should be time efficient. You do not have to live in a gym. You should not “live to work out” but work out to live better. Exercise is no different than taking medicine. There is a proper dose to take. If a doctor prescribes a medicine for a condition and says take two a day, and you approach it like many do exercise, you may think “I will take this to the next level and take 12 a day!” That would be considered foolhardy and dangerous. Too much of almost anything is not beneficial. A High-Intensity Training (HIT) workout will always be completed in less than 20 minutes once a week, although some do it twice a week. Twice a week is unnecessary if the intensity is high enough. 

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